Viking was purchased from the Laidley sales. He is an aged gelding, and his history is a bit of a mystery. He is now in good condition and looking for a home as a companion.


Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled after the sales were sent to our trainer for treatment and handling. Sierra is still wary but has made good progress for an older unhandled mare. Sierra was a great mum to Flicka who is now weaned. Unfortunately, […]

Hayleybird (Reka’s Revenge ntb)

Hayleybird was surrendered by her owner who was struggling to afford her care and unable to keep weight on her. This sweet old girl was a bit of a mystery but tracked down her records and vet assessment determined she has cushings. She is now on medication and is now looking amazing.

Xena (Thai Harder)

Xena came to us from a person who had taken her out of a neglect situation. We were told Xena was aggressive at feed time with other horses. We put Xena onto Chasteberry powder, and she is now comfortably paddocked with a mare and gelding, with no issues. Xena is proving to be a nice […]


Haven was bought from a knackery near Bundaberg as a heavily in foal mare. We had never seen such an horrific worm infestation and Haven was passing huge amounts of worms before she was even wormed. She had to be wormed three times over 6 weeks to get rid of them all. Unsurprisingly, her huge […]


Penny is an older stockhorse mare who we bought out of sale yards in with a foal at foot. She was pregnant with another foal and both of her foals have been successfully adopted out into homes. Unfortunately Penny has been tried with multiple different trainers and sadly does not progress to a point where […]


Chocolate and 3 other geldings came into care in an emaciated condition. Chocolate has transformed into an amazing chocolate brown beautiful horse who has had basic starting done with him. He had two rides but came back for a short break when he showed mild lameness. He was cleared by vets with x-rays showing no […]

Melody (Janandi)

Melody was rescued from the Laidley sales where SAHA outbid the dogger for her. She appeared to be heavily in foal, so was sent immediately to hospital for much-needed farrier and dental work and a scan. Upon checking her brand, it was found that Melody was served on 25/11/2014 to a stallion named Freeze. Melody […]


Maverick was rescued from the doggers as an unhandled or badly handled, very scared, very angry, Clydie stallion. This big horse was a machine and sadly wanted to kill anyone in his sight! At the vet he was successfully gelded and had a dental while he was under a general however we weren’t able to […]


Rhett was purchased from the Laidley Sales in May 2021. Rhett was an unhandled 14 year old stallion who was sent to the sale yards. He was covered from head to toe in cuts, scars and old wounds. He had a masisve eye injury in where they eye ball had con-caved into his skull. SAHA […]