Ringo (Rock ‘n’ Roll Ready)

Ringo was purchased from the July 2023 Laidley Sales. In poor condition with severe roach back but only 3 years old. He has been assessed by vets and has a variety of issues but under vet advice he is being given a chance at recovery.


Prayer was surrendered to SAHA in emaciated condition with foal at foot (Zach). A very timid mare that after Zach was weaned she underwent rehabilitation and handling. In 2022 she was adopted out however due to change of circumstances for owner she has been returned. She has started ground work and been under saddle however […]


Viking was purchased from the Laidley sales. His is an aged gelding still a bit of a mystery at the moment but has begun his rehab.


Flicka and her mum Sierra were purchased from the Laidley sales. Unhandled and requiring vet care, they went from the sales to our trainers for treatment and handling. Flicka is growing into a lovely energetic filly who has recently been weaned from her mum Sierra. Currently taking applications of interest.


Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled after the sales were sent to our trainer for treatment and handling. Sierra is still wary but has made good progress for an older unhandled mare. Soon Flicka will be weaned off her and then she will be […]

Belle (Galactic Spirit)

Belle is a retired thoroughbred and broodmare. Belle has been tried under saddle but at this stage is up for adoption as a companion only. we will continue to assess her as a riding prospect but would love her to find a home where she can live our her days as a companion mare or […]

Hayleybird (Reka’s Revenge ntb)

Hayleybird was surrendered by her owner who was struggling to afford her care and unable to keep weight on her. This sweet old girl was a bit of a mystery but tracked down her records and vet assessment determined she has cushings. She is now on medication and her rehab is well underway.

Sasha (Exception)

Sasha was at the Rockhampton council pound, found in poor condition. We were contacted by numerous supporters asking us to help so we got in contact and with the help of a loyal supporter Cherie who managed to pick her up and look after her for a week whilst we organised¬† Dale from North Queensland […]


Ozzie was rescued from the Laidley sales 4 years ago with his mum. He found a lovely home but recently due to change in owners’ circumstances has returned to SAHA. Ozzie is available as a companion only not suitable for riding.

Xena (Thai Harder)

Xena came to us from a person who had taken her out of a neglect situation. We were told Xena was aggressive at feed time with other horses. We put Xena onto Chasteberry powder, and she is now comfortably paddocked with a mare and gelding, with no issues. Xena is proving to be a nice […]