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Hermaphrodite Unknown

Shimmer is an unusual case in that he/she is a hermaphrodite – which means to have both sex organs. Unfortunately, Shimmer was quite unhandled so we were forced to do training before we could conduct any vet work. We had tests run to find out if there were testicles inside the body. If this had have been the case, surgery would have been required to remove them. Fortunately, Shimmer does not have any testicles, so this surgery was avoided, however we discovered he also has no ovaries! Shimmer is a tough one, he thinks he is a stallion and mare all at the same time. He has been started under saddle but he is very unsure and timid. Due to his condition and his very nervous nature, he will be very difficult to rehome and so will be safe with SAHA in the Golden Oldies Program.

Further info

Date Arrived: 01 December 14

Year Foaled: 2010

Height: 13hh

Sex: Hermaphrodite

Breed: Unknown


Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Microchipped, Teeth, Feet, Wormed, Chiropractic

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Beaudesert, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge