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Doc (Dr House)

Gelding Thoroughbred

Doc’s story is that when he finished racing with a bowed tendon, he was rehabiliated by his trainer, then placed in a home. The new owner’s circumstances changed and the trainer took him back and rehomed him a couple of times but he has come back again.

He is a much loved horse and his trainer was more than happy to surrender him to SAHA knowing he will always be protected by the charities adoption policy. These are the sort of trainers who we have much respect for and will work along side of to achieve the best possible outcomes. Trainers that check on their horses and ask for them to come back to them if their new home was unsuccessful.

During her career, this particular trainer has been called on THREE occasions by people in the slaughter yards, informing her that one of her racehorses are in the pens. Luckily on on all 3 occasions she has raced down there and bought her horses back, very upset that the people she entrusted to give them a good home simply put them in the sales to be sent to slaughter for pet meat industry.

Our boy “Doc” is a wonderful boy with a beautiful personality. We are hopeful he will be able to be adopted out as a companion only due to old tendon injury which is fully healed, but he is suited as companion only.

He is gentle and kind on the ground, and is very well mannered.


VET WORK: up to date with Hendra, 2 in 1, dental and farrier

EASY TO: Float, worm, farrier, rug, catch, lead, wash and groom


Further info

Date Arrived: 01 November 19

Year Foaled: 5 sep 2008

Height: 15.2hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Thoroughbred


Up to date Hendra, 2 in 1, dental and farrier

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Previous Bowed tendon

Adoption Cost: $150

Care Facility: Beaudesert Sanctuary

Status: Success Story