Save A Horse Australia receives all of its funding from the donations of people like you! Can you help us with fundraising?

Spread the word!

Thank you for your interest in fundraising and helping us help the horses.

You can download and print out our brochures to spread the word of what we do.
  • Collect spare change in your home or work e.g. swear jar, coffee change;
  • Challenge yourself – Ask your friends to sponsor you for participating in a challenge, e.g. fun run, marathon, endurance ride or give up something like coffee, chocolate or alcohol;
  • Hold a “Night In” with your friends and donate what you would usually spend on a night out;
  • Host a morning tea, bake off, picnic, bbq, trivia night, wine tasting – the list is endless;
  • Have a gold coin collection at work e.g., free dress day (ask your boss to match what you raise!)
  • Have your friends give a donation instead of a birthday gift;
  • Whatever you like!

*Make sure all of your donations are processed through your own Fundraising Web Page so that receipts are issued correctly and we know how much you have raised!


Thank you for fundraising and helping us help the horses