a Horse

Start a Relationship that Lasts for Life

Thank you for your interest in adopting a horse.

Rehoming is a vital part of rescuing. With every horse that comes into care our goal is to find them their perfect forever home.

If you are considering adopting a rescue horse, please take the time to read through the information listed below BEFORE completing an expression of interest.

Please remember that our horses are rescues. This means that they were either rescued from abuse or neglect, from the dogger sales or the knackery or they were surrendered by someone who could no longer care for them.

Sometimes we will have very little history. We don’t know where they have come from or what has happened to them. In some cases, the horses have had little or no handling before they came to us.

Note that our volunteers and foster carers have preference for adopting horses, particularly if they have been caring for the horse. Carers will still have to submit an expression of interest and be assessed as the best possible home. All adoptions, without exception, are under contract.

We will only ever put a horse up for adoption when it is completely well. Some horses may not be suitable for riding due to age, injury or other conditions. However, they will be completely paddock sound and appropriate as companion horses.

We will always provide full information regarding what we know about the horse’s history, its health and everything we’ve learned about it since it has been in our care. We will endeavor to find an owner with the experience required for each individual horse.

Taking this into account, please consider carefully about adopting a rescue horse for a child. If you want a first horse for your child, we recommend finding a proven child’s pony and not a rescue horse.
We do not allow breeding with any of our horses. One of the reasons there are so many horses to be rescued is overbreeding. There are far too many unwanted horses in this world already. We also do not adopt horses to live as an only horse – they are herd animals and need company. Must also have sufficient land and meet other basic requirements to be considered for adoption of a SAHA horse.

Important to keep in mind costs in owning a horse. See below for cost guide:

There are many things to consider in regard to the cost of having a horse and can vary depending on size, breed etc

An idea on basic costs

Farrier – every 6 weeks approx. $40-60 trim, $100-150 shod.

Dental – annually approx. $150-200 depending on age. Older horses usually need 6 monthly dentals

Vaccinations – annually Hendra and 2 in 1 approx. $150-200

Worming – every 3 months approx. $25

Feed – dependent on feeding schedule

Also keep in mind some horses can be accident prone so unexpected vet bills can occur.

All of our horses are adopted subject to an Adoption Contract – for the life of the horse. This means that if for any reason the new owner cannot care for the horse, it must be returned to SAHA. The horse cannot be sold or given away. This is so we can keep track of the horses so that they do not return to the cycle of abuse, neglect and the knackery pens. Please read our Adoption Conditions before expressing an interest in a horse.

As a rule we adopt within 4-5 hour drive of our sanctuary in Beaudesert Queensland. This is purely so we can keep up with adoption checks and also to make sure the horse is the right fit with the adoptee. If horses have to come back to us, anything longer than 5 hours is a big journey and a costly one.

Please complete the adoption form and include as much detailed information as possible including referees and photos/videos. Or for more information please complete contact us form or email

Once an adoption application is received, we will be in contact if we have a horse that is the right fit or to request more information to support your application. 

Please note with over 70 horses in care we endeavor to respond to applications as soon as possible.

After application is approved a meet and greet at our sanctuary with selected horse/s is arranged this a requirement, we do not adopt horses out sight unseen.

Please complete the adoption application form

We also require all prospective adoptees to come out to our sanctuary and meet the horse/s they are looking to adopt. Or suitable options if unsure of horse. This is a requirement so we can meet you and you can meet our horse we do not adopt horses out sight unseen.