Have a passion for horses? Then don’t let your energy go to waste: turn your passion into positive action by volunteering at Save A Horse Australia.

Lend a helping hand at Save a Horse.

Save A Horse Australia is increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Some people are motivated to just help with rehabilitation of our abused horses helping with handling and training, while others are interested in the potential of both mental and physical therapy to improve their health, and many simply love horses and are unable to have their very own and want to be around them.

So, do you want to volunteer at Save A Horse Australia? Or would like more information?

Note that volunteering can involve hard physical work. Please take this into account before applying if you have any medical/health conditions that may affect you. Some medical conditions will require a medical clearance. Volunteers working with horses must have horse experience and will be required to have a horse assessment.

If you have any qualifications that you feel may be useful, please let us know in your application.

We are specifically looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • General duties (making feeds, feed runs, stable duties, paddock cleaning, filling water, washing/grooming horses) 
  • General maintenance (fixing fences, painting, mowing) 
  • Property maintenance (gardening, tree pruning) 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Sanctuary is located in Beaudesert Queensland Australia

NO UNAUTHORISED VISITS – applications must be approved before attending the sanctuary – Thank you.

Please note that you cannot bring young children with you when you volunteer.
All applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

We are also unable to accept those on NDIS or require support workers due to handling horses being a high risk activity.

Want to join our amazing volunteer crew?

Please fill out an application form.

We’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can. For any queries please email us.

Please read the application carefully and give us all the details of your previous experience in volunteering or horse experience.

Please Note: Our Sanctuary is located in Beaudesert Queensland.

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