Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled after the sales were sent to our trainer for treatment and handling. Sierra is still wary but has made good progress for an older unhandled mare. Sierra was a great mum to Flicka who is now weaned. Unfortunately, […]


Penny is an older stockhorse mare who we bought out of sale yards in with a foal at foot. She was pregnant with another foal and both of her foals have been successfully adopted out into homes. Unfortunately Penny has been tried with multiple different trainers and sadly does not progress to a point where […]


Maverick was rescued from the doggers as an unhandled or badly handled, very scared, very angry, Clydie stallion. This big horse was a machine and sadly wanted to kill anyone in his sight! At the vet he was successfully gelded and had a dental while he was under a general however we weren’t able to […]


Rhett was purchased from the Laidley Sales in May 2021. Rhett was an unhandled 14 year old stallion who was sent to the sale yards. He was covered from head to toe in cuts, scars and old wounds. He had a masisve eye injury in where they eye ball had con-caved into his skull. SAHA […]

Titan (Heavenly Creek)

Titan was surrendered with a nasty injury to his face, just below the eye. His face was swollen and he was bleeding from the nose. It seems he’d hit his head in some sort of accident. He was also quite thin. After vet treatment with antibiotics and cream every day, as well as a feeding […]

Magic (Defence Chief)

Magic first came into our care in 2010 where he found a home. In 2019 we were contacted about an old SAHA horse needing to be returned into care. We went down and picked Magic up straight away, he was in light condition with scours, and we were told he had a fractured tooth from […]


Domino has been a frequent flyer at the Laidley sales, whilst he looks as cute as a button, he’s not for the faint hearted and definitely not a kids’ pony. Surrendered to SAHA he went straight to Sam for some handling and returned to the sanctuary to continue his rehabilitation and handling. Whilst Domino did […]

Gus (To Fight The Foe)

Gus was part of a RSPCA investigation so we cannot reveal his story. He came to us in an emaciated condition. Gus is a very sweet old horse due to his age and issues he is part of our golden oldies long term care program so not available for adoption.


Kaos was surrendered to SAHA by the knackery. She was in a terribly emaciated condition and had a foal suckling. Turned out the foal was not hers but an older foal who had taken advantage of Kaos and her sweet nature. Kaos herself had miscarried her own foal in the dogger’s yards. She was extremely […]