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Upate from SAHA President – December 2022

Hi guys,

A quick rundown on the sanctuary and what we have been doing the past month.
As you will know we had 4 emaciated horses come to the sanctuary in early November. Sadly we lost one straight away as he simply got to us too late.
Then another mare was surrendered in the same week and was also very underweight.
These horses are housed together in what we call ‘the skinny paddock’ and are on high care – feeds 3 or 4 times a day plus ad-lib hay.
Our staff have been doing an amazing job of cutting our big paddocks up into smaller more manageable ones, so we can have our horses in smaller herds or pairs.
This means we know who is eating what, and it is a lot safer for staff and volunteers at feed time.
We have had horses go out to be broken in recently. Tricolour and Cyndi have been to David Perkins and are now ready to be adopted.
David also has Cyndi’s mum, Cherry, there for some retraining.
Sapphire and Roxy are with Stuart Clunes and are both almost at the end of their time there.
We are lucky that we have been able to use the Off The Track Retraining Grant from Queensland Racing to send these horses away for professional training.
Heading in to Christmas we have just launched our last raffle of the year, to try and fundraise more money to keep our beautiful sanctuary going. Click this link to help.
We would love to thank everyone who has helped us this year from sharing our posts, to donating or volunteering, to adopting a horse from us. Every single person who helps us is how we are able to keep going.
Have a safe Christmas and a happy new year everyone!
SAHA President


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