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Serendipity came to us covered in cattle ticks, skinny, scouring badly and extremely wobbly on her feet. She also appeared to have a punctured eye and was given immediate pain relief as eye injuries are notoriously painful. Unfortunately, she was not strong enough to be immediately transported to Manly Road Vet to see Pauline Gavin, the equine eye specialist, and it took a few days until she started to get stronger and began to eat properly. When she was finally able to see Pauline, sadly it was determined that the injury to her eye was actually an extremely deep ulcer that had been left far too long for treatment. Pauline also discovered that Seren’s other eye was also just as bad, having suffered another very old ulcer which had gone untreated. Both eyes had been left far too long for treatment and were deemed unsaveable. Pauline recommended immediate euthanasia.

Further info

Date Arrived: 20 June 14

Year Foaled:


Sex: Mare



Medical Notes / Treatments:

Adoption Cost:

Care Facility: Beaudesert, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge