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Gelding Standardbred

Barney was an off the track standardbred surrendered to SAHA coated in itch and in light condition. Barney completely recovered and was adopted out. This beautiful STB has now come back into care. Barney is dead quiet and would make an amazing trail riding horse for someone. He has done pony club, team penning, some campdrafting, sporting days, trailing riding and a little bit of everything. Barney is an amazing horse to ride, however he cannot be paddocked with other horses, particularly geldings. Riding along side other horses he is perfect but in a paddock, he can be a bully and may attack other geldings. He is ok with mares but can still be a bully. Barney is happier and safer paddocked alone. He will suit a complete beginner but only if they are under instruction from someone experienced. He is very smart and will learn to put it over someone not learning with him. A young person learning to ride at PC or a younger person with experienced parents would be perfect. Even an older person who knows the basics.

Further info

Date Arrived: 31 January 12

Year Foaled:

Height: 15.2hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Standardbred


Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Microchipped, Teeth, Feet, Wormed, Chiropractic

Adoption Cost: $500 under adoption contract

Care Facility: Tarampa, Queensland

Status: Success Story