Flicka and her mum Sierra were purchased from the Laidley sales. Unhandled and requiring vet care, have been sent to our trainers for treatment and handling.


Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled so have been sent to our trainer for treatment and handling.


Nik was rescued from the Laidley sales. It was discovered he was an unraced thoroughbred whose previous owner with whom he shared a special bond was tragically killed in a car accident. He is a lovely solid boy who will undergo assessment under saddle before being available for adoption.


Misty is a lovely Anglo Arab mare that was surrendered after owner was no longer able to care for her financially and physically due to injury. She is currently under going vet/farrier assessment for a hole in her hoof before being tried under saddle as she was previously a ridden horse.

Jake (Persistant Sir)

Jake is a lovely big thoroughbred gelding that was left abandoned on agistment. He is currently being brought up to date with his vaccinations etc before being assessed under saddle.

Hayleybird (Reka’s Revenge ntb)

Hayleybird was surrendered by her owner who was struggling to afford her care and unable to keep weight on her. This sweet old girl was a bit of a mystery but tracked down her records and vet assessment determined she has cushings. She is now on medication and her rehab is well underway.

Tuxedo (Gun Moon)

Tuxedo is a striking thoroughbred gelding who was surrendered with lameness issues. He in undergoing vet assessment.

Starlet (Cricket Ting)

Starlet was rescued from the Laidley sales. She is a beautiful kind thoroughbred mare. She is currently in care being brought up to date with her vet work and before further assessment.


April was rescued from the Laidley sales that were held on April Fool’s Day believed to be heavily infoal. She had everyone convinced she had a baby on board however scans revealed no baby. Well done to April playing a prank on us all. Unfortunately have no history and now no longer waiting on a […]