Maddie (Scamps Pride)

Maddie is a lovely sweet lightly raced thoroughbred mare who came into care as her young owner was inexperienced and financially unable to care for her. She is currently in rehab and since arriving her condition has already improved. Once completed she will be assessed under saddle.

Grace (Blue Instinct)

Grace was surrendered as owner was unable to afford her care. She is a lovely lightly raced thoroughbred mare. Grace has been brought up to date with her vet work. As part of the OTT program, she is currently offsite for training.

Trick (The Real Spiel)

Trick was surrendered with a leg injury that owners were unable to afford vet care for. He was transported directly to Scenic Rim for treatment. He was brought to the sanctuary to undergo rehab and treatment. He is now up to date on his vet work and will be assessed under saddle.


Patrick was at the October 2023 Warwick sales and purchased by a dogger who contacted Laura after the sale as he was in poor condition and bound for slaughter. He is an unnamed/unraced thoroughbred. Patrick has been brought up to date on his vet work and is now in good condition so currently under assessment.


Ginny was surrendered with her paddock mate Summer in emaciated condition. After rehabilitation and being brought up to date with vet work, she is currently being assessed under saddle.  


Alec is an orphaned foal that sadly lost his mother and owners could not afford the critical care that was required to save his life. He was rushed to West Vets for urgent critical care as foals are extremely fragile and unfortunately, he had received none of his mother’s colostrum, which is vital after birth. […]

Catalina (Tuscan Doll)

Catalina was purchased at the October 2023 Laidley sales. She underwent rehab to improve condition and be brought up to date on vet work. She is currently under assessment.


Viking was purchased from the Laidley sales. He is an aged gelding, and his history is a bit of a mystery. He is now in good condition and looking for a home as a companion.


Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled after the sales were sent to our trainer for treatment and handling. Sierra is still wary but has made good progress for an older unhandled mare. Sierra was a great mum to Flicka who is now weaned. Unfortunately, […]

Hayleybird (Reka’s Revenge ntb)

Hayleybird was surrendered by her owner who was struggling to afford her care and unable to keep weight on her. This sweet old girl was a bit of a mystery but tracked down her records and vet assessment determined she has cushings. She is now on medication and is now looking amazing.