Viking was purchased from the Laidley sales. He is an aged gelding, and his history is a bit of a mystery. He is now in good condition and looking for a home as a companion.

Hayleybird (Reka’s Revenge ntb)

Hayleybird was surrendered by her owner who was struggling to afford her care and unable to keep weight on her. This sweet old girl was a bit of a mystery but tracked down her records and vet assessment determined she has cushings. She is now on medication and is now looking amazing.


Haven was bought from a knackery near Bundaberg as a heavily in foal mare. We had never seen such an horrific worm infestation and Haven was passing huge amounts of worms before she was even wormed. She had to be wormed three times over 6 weeks to get rid of them all. Unsurprisingly, her huge […]


Moonshine was surrendered in poor condition with an injury from a barbed wire fence. Moonshine is a lovely boy with a easy going nature, loves to be brushed will stand all day while you brush him! He is so handsome and has been nicknamed the SAHA unicorn, he does however require good fencing as has […]

MJ (Miss Justice)

Miss Justice was rescued from the meat buyer. She had been used as a broodmare, having had her last foal in 2012. MJ is a sweet mare but can still be a little nervous to handle. Once she is settled in and she trusts you, which doesn’t take long, you can do anything with her. […]

Hazel (Secret Vice)

Hazel was surrendered to SAHA when she was starved by her owner and then given away. She came to us as the good person who took her couldn’t keep her, but wanted to get her out of the situation. Hazel was emaciated with a hoof that needed attention. Hazel is a Golden Oldie, and hasn’t […]

Lightning (Tokyo Cut)

Lightning and his paddock buddy Cheerio, were leased out but when their owner went to check on them, found they had been severely neglected and were almost starved! Sadly, she did not have the funds to bring them back to full health and so they were surrendered to SAHA. Lightning is very quiet and a […]


Sass was rescued from the knackery in 2014 as an unhandled ex broodmare. We didn’t realise how old she was until she was with our trainer as she was pretty unhandled and we didn’t want to stress her out to much – Instead sending her for professional training first. However on dental examination it was […]

Titan (Heavenly Creek)

Titan was surrendered with a nasty injury to his face, just below the eye. His face was swollen and he was bleeding from the nose. It seems he’d hit his head in some sort of accident. He was also quite thin. After vet treatment with antibiotics and cream every day, as well as a feeding […]

Magic (Defence Chief)

Magic first came into our care in 2010 where he found a home. In 2019 we were contacted about an old SAHA horse needing to be returned into care. We went down and picked Magic up straight away, he was in light condition with scours, and we were told he had a fractured tooth from […]