Zach came to SAHA as a foal with his mum Prayer. He was gelded and adopted out as a young project but has recently come back into care. He is a blank canvas for someone looking for a young project.


Beau came from the Warwick Horse Sale. After a bit of research, discovered he is an unbranded and unregistered thoroughbred colt. He is now gelded. Beau after the sale was sent to trainers for some handling and is showing to be a very clever quick learner. So will suit someone looking for a blank canvas […]


Flicka and her mum Sierra were purchased from the Laidley sales. Unhandled and requiring vet care, they went from the sales to our trainers for treatment and handling. Flicka is growing into a lovely energetic filly who has been weaned from her mum Sierra. Flicka is lovely filly and would suit an experienced home looking […]


Chocolate and 3 other geldings came into care in an emaciated condition. Chocolate has transformed into an amazing chocolate brown beautiful horse who has had basic starting done with him. He had two rides but came back for a short break when he showed mild lameness. He was cleared by vets with x-rays showing no […]


The team were sent to the Laidley sales late 2021, to take a look at what horses were in the pens. ¬†They came across a little unhandled brumby type weanling colt, they watched the sale and when it came to this little guy the only bidder was a dogger. SAHA decided to outbid the dogger […]


SUITED RIDER: Confident competent rider. SUITED DISCIPLINE: any EASY TO: float, worm, farrier, rug, catch, lead, wash and groom VICES: Nil. Roxy was surrendered to SAHA from a breeder that went broke. In the space of a few weeks 12 horses came in from him including Roxy and her full sister Sapphire. Roxy has been […]


Sapphire was surrendered to SAHA from a breeder that went broke. 12 horses came in the space of a few weeks including Sapphire and her full sister Roxy. Sapphire has been professionally broken in by Stuart Clunes recently. Sapphire is a nice mare that would do well in any discipline. Stuart does say that trail […]