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Nevaeh (Morning Rainbow)

Thoroughbred Mare

Nevaeh and her yearling foal (Amity) were rescued from Laidley sales in 2019. In poor condition it was then discovered she was also in foal and delivered a beautiful colt (Legacy). After she was healthy and back in good condition and she was assessed under saddle and showed to be a lovely riding horse. In early 2021 she was adopted out.

Like all of our adopted horses, SAHA conducts regular check ins which the adopter had previously passed no issue. However, on a recent check in something seemed off and had been notified adopter had started her own rescue and was apparently overwhelmed with the number of horses now in care. Following up on this gut feeling it was discovered the photos on the recent check in were false and she was now in emaciated condition. This was devasting to the team at SAHA, but we sprang into action calling on Grant’s Transport and had her picked up and transported to Laura’s property. She is now being closely monitored and has been seen by vets complete with scans and x-rays and a rehab program put in place. Beyond devastated and disappointed that this has happened to sweet Neveah a second time, however she is a fighter, and we will endeavor to bring her back to her once glorious condition once more.

Further info

Date Arrived: 07 November 2019

Year Foaled: 11 nov 2011

Height: 16hh

Sex: Mare

Breed: Thoroughbred


Hendra, Strangles, Tetanus

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Microchipped, Dental, Farrier, Wormed

Adoption Cost: TBA

Care Facility: Offsite

Status: In Rehab