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Stock Horse Gelding

Cavallo came to us in very poor condition. This boy came into care in an emaciated state and suffering some respiratory problems. Blood tests confirmed that he was running infection through his body, anaemic and dehydrated. His internal organs were suffering from the effects of emaciation. Cavallo had to be fed small, regular feeds to gradually build up his weight. Feeding an emaciated horse too quickly can be fatal. He was also under intensive vet care and received around the clock attention from our Gold Coast volunteers.

For the first time, SAHA auctioned off the naming rights and Samantha Marshall had the honour of naming this horse “Cavallo”. Cavallo is DEAD quiet. He is a real gentleman in every single way.

As the oldest horse at the sanctuary Cavallo has been a staff/volunteer and formed a deep bond with fellow oldie Espana.

Unfortunately, his age and ailments were catching up to him, so the tough decision was made to cross him over to the Rainbow Bridge.


Further info

Date Arrived: 14 June 2014

Year Foaled: 

Height: 15.2hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Stock Horse

Status: Rainbow Bridge