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Gelding Thoroughbred

Credence was one of four stallions that needed to be re-homed as a result of a stud bankruptcy. The owners could not find homes for them and they were destined for the doggers. We hoped that by gelding them we could find them experienced homes even though they weren’t broken but this was unsuccessful as well. To give them every chance at a forever home, we were able raise the funds to send all four to the trainers to be broken in. Unfortunately, Credence was quite badly handled and very fearful. A lot of time was spent working with him to build his confidence and also considerable time getting him sound with issues with his poll.

We have been continually working with Credence while he has come such a long way he still does have unpredictable behaviour so we have decided Credence will remain in our long term program and will live out his days in our care.

Further info

Date Arrived: 26 October 14

Year Foaled: 6 November 2009

Height: 16hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Thoroughbred


Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Microchipped, Teeth, Feet, Wormed, Chiropractic

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Beaudesert, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge