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Gelding Thoroughbred

Lordy was well loved but his owners were unfortunately victims of the drought in Western Queensland and were fast running out of feed and water and so he was surrendered to SAHA. He has recovered but suffers from a condition called “anhydrosis” which means he has an inability to cool himself down through sweating. This can be extremely serious in summer and action has to be taken to keep him cool – from regularly hosing him down to pouring frozen methylated spirits down this back. Lordy appointment himself the guardian angel of Annie when she came to the sanctuary near death. They were inseparable. Unfortunately the hot summer of January 2015 proved too much for Lordy and he was increasingly distressed by the heat. There was nothing we could do to keep him comfortable and the difficult decision was reached to have him humanely euthanised.

Further info

Date Arrived: 01 January 14

Year Foaled:

Height: 15hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Thoroughbred


Medical Notes / Treatments:

Adoption Cost:

Care Facility:

Status: Rainbow Bridge