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Brumby X Gelding

SUITED RIDER: Confident competent rider.
EASY TO: worm, farrier, rug, catch, lead, wash and groom
VICES: Axel needs a very experienced handler to get the best from him. Under saddle he is easy going, more whoa than go, but he is still green so would not suit a novice child or anyone who isn’t very competent.
On the ground Axel has no personal boundaries and still needs to learn personal space. We do not allow volunteers to handle him. Our staff are fine with him as they know he needs a firm but kind hand.
Axel gets anxious on a float alone, and we would prefer he travels on an angle load till he’s had more practice.
Axel was taken in originally by SAHA when his owner felt she wasn’t able to handle him confidently as her health was deteriorating due to her age. She considered selling him but was worried he would fall into the wrong hands.
Axel is a brumby x welsh pony roughly 14/14.2hh and as solid as a brick. He is strong willed and needs an adventure buddy as brave as him. He is a diamond in the rough.
Axel thrives on having something to do. The more adventure, the more he loves it. Axel will need someone who is very horse knowledgeable. He knows his strength on the ground, and we are constantly reminding him of manners.
Axel will put it over you if he feels he knows more. But with the right person he is going to make an absolute ripper little pony. His breeding means he will be sure footed over ground out on trails, and he is a very smart boy. Axel will only go out to the right home, as we want the best for him, and he deserves to have an amazing fun life of adventure.
Axel is currently in work at the Saha sanctuary in Beaudesert.


Further info

Date Arrived: 01 February 2021

Year Foaled: 2013

Height: 14/14.2hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Brumby X Welsh Pony


Hendra, Tetanus, Strangles

Medical Notes/Treatments:

Microchipped, Dental, Farrier, Wormed

Status: Adopted ❤️