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Gelding Mini Pony

Flint came into care with 5 other horses as a 6 year old stallion and boy, was his arrival a little loud to start with.

He liked to call out to anyone he could whilst being housed in the stables. He was quickly booked into Scenic Rim for the snip a couple of days later and we were ecstatic to welcome back a much happier little gelding.

He’s proven easy to work with and hasn’t been a single drama since joining the SAHA family. He’s recovering well from his surgery and his true personality is shining right on through. This little guy will make an awesome pony for someone very special one day in the future once he’s been given all of his much-needed vet work that he’s missed out on over the years.

Our next steps with this little guy is to give him another month or so to let his hormones settle down before introducing him to his very own herd and with luck will be able to enjoy his life to the best he can with other horses before being able to find his forever home with someone!

Further info

Date Arrived: 19 November 20

Year Foaled: 2014

Height: 9hh

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Mini Pony


Medical Notes / Treatments:

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Beaudesert Sanctuary

Status: Success Story