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Mare Palouse Pony

Amanda went to the Warwick sales with the intention of saving two horses and had already chosen those two and was planning on leaving the sales when she stumbled upon an emaciated Palouse Pony with a teeny tiny foal at foot. Everyone at the sales saw how very sick the mare – her head was hanging low and her breathing was laboured. She was kicking her foal away from feeding as she was distressed in the pens with so many people around and the frightening atmosphere. Amanda called Jen and said “Jen this mare and baby need you”. Amanda knew the mare would immediately have to go into critical care and go on a drip etc to save her. She outbid anyone else bidding on the mare and foal because she knew that we would urgently seek Vet help for them both, and there is no guarantee that any other buyer would give them that level of care. They were loaded immediately and brought to the Gold Coast Sanctuary for critical vet care. Matt from Gold Coast Equine found Oasis to be very unwell and dehydrated. She had virtually no milk for her foal. She was put on a drip with antibiotics and to rehydrate her and help stimulate her milk supply and in the mean time her foal, named Kalahari, was supplemented with frozen mare’s milk. After a few days, she calmed considerably and her milk began to come back in. Oasis and Kalahari were kept stabled for two weeks until Oasis was strong enough to go out in the paddock. She started to put on weight and began to have a little trust in humans. Oasis suffered a surprisingly sudden and severe attack of colic on Wednesday, 5 November. She was uncomfortable and thrashing, unwilling to stand up and when on her feet just wanting to get down again. It was sudden and fast without any known reason. A vet was called immediately and sadly there wasn’t anything we could have done to save her. We have no idea what caused the attack or why it was so sudden and so violent. Matt from Gold Coast Equine Vets did everything he could and we gave her every type of pain relief possible but it still didn’t ease her pain. She was a wonderful mother, even in her own pain she was looking out for her little foal. RIP beautiful girl.

Further info

Date Arrived: 01 January 70

Year Foaled:

Height: 13hh

Sex: Mare

Breed: Palouse Pony


Medical Notes / Treatments:

Adoption Cost:

Care Facility: Gold Coast, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge