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Sylvia (Line of Credit)

Mare Thoroughbred

Sylvia came to us in emaciated condition, however she was still bright. She also had several grey horse melanoma which we had tested but all were benign. She had been getting stronger with good feed however, she started to get sore not just in her feet but in her pelvic / hip area as well and as this was the first sign she was in pain, I immediately had her checked out at the vet. The bad news wass that her entire pelvic region was consumed by one massive mass. It was very large and on the internal scan you couldn’t see her ovaries, nor could the vet feel where the mass finished. The vet said it was the largest mass he had seen inside a horse. Sadly there was not anything we could do to save her life. It was very unlikely that the mass was malignant as 99% of them are not, but it’s huge and its putting pressure on everything inside of her abdomen. Up until this point Sylvia had not been in any pain, she has been monitored very carefully by our staff and by Gold Coast Equine centre vets who are professionals in their field. Sylvia was bright and had gained quite a bit of weight as well which was wonderful. Her appetite was big, her manure was normal, her temp and heart rate were all normal as well. However, she was clearly in pain through her back, hips and pelvis. We had to make the very tough decision to have Sylvia put to sleep.

Further info

Date Arrived: 31 January 16

Year Foaled: 2003

Height: unknown

Sex: Mare

Breed: Thoroughbred

Vaccinations: N/A

Medical Notes / Treatments: Treatment for emaciation

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Foster Care, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge