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Gelding Australian Stock Horse

Rowdy came into care in bad condition and hadn’t had any vaccinations, worming, farrier or dental work for some time.

Blood results show his was suffering from infection and inflammation which is pretty much what we expected due to a possible bladder stone which he has had for a long time that was left untreated.

Thankfully all of his internal organs (kidneys, liver, etc) were all shown to be functioning okay.

Infection and inflammation we can fix…organ failure we cannot.

Rowdy is being reintroduced to hardfeeds slowly to give his body the time it needs to adjust.

Stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous man!

Further info

Date Arrived: 10 October 20

Year Foaled: 1995 (Aged in mid twenties)


Sex: Gelding

Breed: Australian Stock Horse


Medical Notes / Treatments:

Adoption Cost: NA

Care Facility:

Status: Success Story