Alec is an orphaned foal that sadly lost his mother and owners could not afford the critical care that was required to save his life. He was rushed to West Vets for urgent critical care as foals are extremely fragile and unfortunately, he had received none of his mother’s colostrum, which is vital after birth. […]

Sox (Twosoxon)

SAHA was notified of a thoroughbred gelding in very poor condition prior to attending Laidley sales. This poor horse has had a rough time, but he has safely arrived at the sanctuary and will begin rehabilitation.

Ringo (Rock ‘n’ Roll Ready)

Ringo was purchased from the July 2023 Laidley Sales. In poor condition with severe roach back but only 3 years old. He has been assessed by vets and has a variety of issues but under vet advice he is being given a chance at recovery.


Viking was purchased from the Laidley sales. His is an aged gelding still a bit of a mystery at the moment but has begun his rehab.


Sierra & her foal Flicka were purchased from the Laidley sales. In very poor condition and unhandled after the sales were sent to our trainer for treatment and handling. Sierra is still wary but has made good progress for an older unhandled mare. Soon Flicka will be weaned off her and then she will be […]

Romance (Duck Gold)

Meet the lovely Romance When SAHA President Laura received the phone call from a dogger asking if we wanted to give this mare a second chance of course she couldn’t say no! She’s only 7 years old and tracking on her this neglect has happened in the last 12 months its shocking. However, Romance is […]


Domino has been a frequent flyer at the Laidley sales, whilst he looks as cute as a button, he’s not for the faint hearted and definitely not a kids’ pony. Surrendered to SAHA he went straight to Sam for some handling and has since returned to the sanctuary to continue his rehabilitation and handling. Domino […]